Busters was recently asked to participate in the CLOVERBELT FOOD COOP‘s “Locawars” in Dryden.  The CLFC is a wonderful organization that helps connect local farmers and makers with those who would most likely purchase their products.

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When we were approached a few years ago to list our products on the CLFC website, we never thought we’d have gotten so many sales.  Including securing new wholesalers, Busters has been growing along side the CLFC and now we even sell our cornbread after popular demand!

The event was well received, with four local restaurants competing with against each other in a battle centred around local food.

Busters choose pork tenderloin, spring onions, local lettuce, wild rice, local blueberries, honey and maple syrup.

With an hour to prepare and 18 plates finish, the team of four representing Busters worked quickly together.  Nat has never done an event like this, so she had everything gridded out so the team knew what to do when.  With no trial run, she hoped for the best.

Busters didn’t win.  But we did find out how much people love our bacon jam and that really solidified that we should have it on our menu and available for sale.


For more information on local food, recipes or to order from the CLFC, click the link!