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Busters Blueberry BBQ Sauce - Blueberry Chipotle

Busters Blueberry BBQ Sauce - Blueberry Chipotle

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Busters Chipotle Blueberry BBQ Sauce: A smoky, spicy twist on our original, perfect for adding depth to your grilled meats.

The combination of chipotle and blueberry makes it an excellent choice for slow-cooked dishes.

  • Cooking Ideas: Rub it on a brisket before smoking, use it as a sauce for BBQ pizza, or stir into chili for a smoky flavor boost.
  • Pairs Well With: Smoked brisket, BBQ pizza, grilled vegetables, and tacos. Complements dishes with a side of creamy avocado or fresh salsa.

Experience a smoky, spicy twist on a classic with Busters Chipotle Blueberry BBQ Sauce. This sauce blends the rich flavors of chipotle and blueberries, creating a depth of flavor that enhances any dish. Perfect for brisket, BBQ pizza, and chili, it’s a versatile addition to your BBQ arsenal.

Try it and see why Busters is a favorite among BBQ champions.

"Busters Chipotle Blueberry BBQ Sauce is perfect for adding a smoky, spicy twist to my BBQ. It’s great on everything!" – Steve, Ontario

"This sauce is fantastic! The chipotle flavor is just right, and it pairs so well with the blueberries." – Amanda, Manitoba

"I use the Chipotle Blueberry BBQ Sauce on my brisket, and it’s always a hit. The depth of flavor is amazing." – Jeff, Toronto

"Busters Chipotle Blueberry BBQ Sauce has a great smoky kick. It’s my secret ingredient for the best BBQ pizzas." – Rachel, Alberta

"The combination of chipotle and blueberry is unique and delicious. This sauce takes my BBQ to the next level." – Matt, Quebec

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